Method How To Take The Real Stars To Lover !!!

Method How To Take The Real Stars To Lover !!!

World Wide of Rectitude Veracity Episode Humanness

"Human said" The world was born from explosive of the cosmic, that had bump against on and on till became a mass, so had many pieces of rock. The world is one of them, the other stars are many pieces of rock small or big depend on their sizes, "those story human said that" , but true or fault in every respect, no one can know about that, cause of human were not born before the world. Summary is "The world was born to be a mass before other things" This mass of the world have a lot of things, include a small plants, a big plants, small an animals, big an animals, to competed to born in small sizes and big sizes, divided to be male, female, and male plus female style two in one, those things depend on hereditary of animals.

Human were born in the world, more intellectual than whom, have a lot of things as have been build houses, cars, wheels, peoples, children, an important are children, this build style first of all must choose a soul mate first, they have many methods whatever what do you want just tell me please, I will looking for you , if a soul mate reply that "Need a stars and the moon, can you find those things ?" , part of men could not more intellectual, would upset to refused. Oh ! god, to lose human name, just this story could be able to find out for her, so do not build it any more, if you build it you may be ashamed to the other worlds, the other stars. She needs a stars and the moon ? Do not be delay, just give those things to her immediately, more expect that girl could not have big enough area of her house to keep a stars and the moons. Where she can keep those things ? Absolutely not, except live it on the sky as go on and on. Finally she will have enough for her needs, star and the moon on her roof, for her intend. To be finished his an artifice of young bandit, young bandit so happy for this prize, just only give by do not have to spend money.

Well ...after finished a chose of couple step, to asked for the hand of the girl you love, if could not do that just dulled to grandfather and grandmother, if could not dull again just think by your self, it was your story I could not be concern, even me could not find out of soul mate, what would you like to have more suggest, I could not tell you more

Okay after finished a chose of couple step. Until they were the same room, sat down, to gazed in each others eyes. O.K. just finished, and then had a child (children do not know any language, do not believe just to gaze in each others eyes only could have a children, I used to do that when I was in kindergarten, so afraid to made their girls had a pregnant by eyes to eyes, never went to closed up to them)

Wow. when had a children, or in vocabulary of an applied medically and nurses called "Little Monkey". That teach a little monkey to know about the world, teach them "This world is the circle, end of the ocean that you could not fall down out of the earth to be die". Little Monkey.

If in Thai social have a little monkey are female, tell them to preserve their bodies. If you hope a little monkey to be Miss Thailand, just to preserve their skins, shapes. But more important a little monkey, if you grow up you need a crown of Miss Thailand, you must study hard, build you ability to be obviously, but do not an interest in Thai language, cause if you able to speak more obviously in Thai language, a little monkey might fall down from the first contest
If a little monkey are male, just teach them to know how to be man, when you grow up, you will not frustrate about to descend, cause of the same sex can not have a pregnant. Do you understand a little monkey ?

Passed a little monkey of age, going to pleasure age this age need a lot of things, have too much expend. So in this economic have to tighten the belts as in a new year festival season that more fussy, just give to those guys this guy, so you will have more expend. The way to mend it, just to forestall the guy you want to give a gift at the department store, when you meet him you just going and greeting " Wow happy new year, I wish you more happiness Oh! I'm looking a gift to you at the right moment" (Talking with him, that you so glad to meet him in happy new year festival). After that you take a gift to contain with your greeting, to assume is an one bottle of whisky just deliver an one bottle of expensive whisky, and greet to be suitable after finish that you just say I have to go now, because I'm busy. They will be happy, and so glad about a gifts that he received, although he forgets that whisky do not take out from supermarket any more, but when he can think about that he might understand that, you perhaps to forget this point cause from so glad to meet and wish to give him. He will not to demand from you any more, cause of politeness control , so help you to save one just tighten the belts for a little monkey more strictly

This pleasure age of monkey have a lot of problems, that make you more worries anything this case you must follow well every problems have the way to mend, depend on it will be on bad way or good way that is all , as if you are alone and live with dinosaurs that they have to eat meat to be food , by you don't have any weapons if they see stare and want to eat you, just would like to ask you,. How can you escape and to be save from them ? Just think a lot of them, that's no way end , you will get it. Your little monkey disobey you any more , their habits often followers that , you have to control , teach them by your self , cause of your monkey your problems , just a little chance of comer to help you. But right now at this point , have one guy of kindhearted that's me. I'm a new hero all of you , the guy that can help you to escape from those dinosaurs. Nothing to be fearsome , cause of you're not human stone age or dinosaur age. So you must wake up from that nightmare, just wake up to find a new day and fight the problems. Just have a good self confidence every problems have the way to mend and also to be good mend. It's might easy after you open your eyes only, just you couldn't find out if I were you I will be worry as same as you. If have a children but they no good,. How should we do ? just want "to stare to each other eyes". No one can help.

One of big problem for pleasure monkey is to dispute, let's stress to male monkey, just teach your son well
"Do not woo to his girl friend, he might beat him"
"I couldn't suffer that any more daddy, the guy who have girl friend often beauty , I just want to see a beautiful girl that's all , oh! Daddy."
" Ask him for the truly, Can you stop that thing ?"
" The answer is I couldn't do that sir"
" Well my pleasure monkey, you must do something to make him be afraid of you"
"How can I do ? Just act like a tough or act like to pull a gun , knife , and act like to contest a handsome man, sir."
"Not like that my son, you must go to him with very polite acting, and say openly to him"
"Hi '....handsome man., Would you like to change the other test any more ?"
"Just only say that , he will be afraid of you more"
Yes sir, in this case your son have the way to be survival For a pleasure female monkey, a worry problem is the acting of rape. This is the same big problem , but I used to tell all of you before a problem can have the way to mend it.

In night time of silence, at the loneliness side road one of young girl walked alone into a side road , by she didn't know in that time have one of sexually perverted hid and waited. When young girl walked into a middle of side road, that guy appeared from a side road forest , and ran to charged her immediately. In second time, let your pleasure female monkey tries to control her sense and say as same as strong man is "This front door have the end of it sir, back door be more comfort sir." When a sexually perverted heard that , he will be afraid of "Peanut" and think of his father taught "The same male of sex can not have a pregnant" that sexually perverted monkey has to live now

Okay passed a fuss storied of little and big monkey, when you treated them to be adults of monkey, they will have a families, someone leave of you, someone stay with you. Those case you have to understand, whose care about an old man like you, when they have a soul mate and little monkey also, he must interest in his soul mate, little monkey, problems in his family, and problems of his monkey. I wrote this story , don't mean to follow me, but wrote it with a vengeance. Depend on how to think of it. But some of grand fathers and grand mothers have a determine already. A lot of an experience taught about, have love, have leave, a circle, go to the temple, preparation of the things to back ground of dead life better. Oh !...a little and a big monkey my children, that used to played with, to taught with, to treated with,. All of you will release an old monkey go to the temple alone, or you will wait to send me when I go into the temple for a last time ?

Written by
Mr. Somchatchai Ngamdee. TH
webmaster http://www.ForexTh.Com
Translated in English by Mr:Bunpot Promjanya.

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